About Us

Quality and Consistency

For many years V&L Sheet Metal Soultions have worked on a wide variety of projects for both individuals and large corporations. We utilise high end machinery and high quality materials, and take pride it what we produce. Whether we make a single part or multiples of 10,000 each one has to meet our strict standards on quality.


V&L Sheet Metal Solutions are located in the heart of UK manufacturing with excellent road links to all parts of the country this helps keep distribution costs to a minimum. We use CNC equipment throughout which has inherently low running costs. These factors mean that we are confident that we can offer real cost savings.


Over the years we have built a solid reputation by working with companies large and small and providing all with top quality products at the right price. Our no-nonsense approach to design and focus on scheduled production has proved very popular with our clients and we look forward seeing if we can help new clients achieve real savings and consistent supply.

With a shift back to manufacturing in the U.K now is time to look at securing a reliable U.K based company that can offer a more controllable, short lead-time production of your parts. V&L Sheet Metal Solutions are perfectly placed to provide this. To see what we can do for you please get in touch via our contact page. We guarantee a quick response to all enquiries.