Our Services

We provide CNC punching and bending facilities using highly accurate and reliable equipment. We can punch up to 3mm thick material and bend up to 3.1 metres in length.

We extensively use state of the art software including Lantek Expert Punch & SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD to give us cost effective product designs. The use of non-laser CNC equipment has proven to be an efficient production method and can be applied to most product designs.

What We Offer

Advanced Software

Lantek Expert Punch & SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD

CNC Punching

Wiedemann C2000q, Rainer 2026.

CNC Bending

Adira QHD 2512PLS, Pullmax EKP-CNC 100, Adira QH3020.

Miscellaneous equipment

Pemsert Series 4, SIP Spot Welder.

Assembly & Packing

Product Assembly and Packing Facilities.

Outsourced Laser Services

Laser Cutting available.

MIG Welding

Outsourced MIG welding services available.


UK delivery through trusted local suppliers.